What I’m Looking Forward to This Month | March 2018

Hello March! Thank goodness you’ve arrived!


I’m looking forward to spring. I’m looking forward to crisp fresh mornings. The first day of spring is March 20th and I’m excited about it. As much as I genuinely like the winter, I’m looking forward to less wet days and less days with my Canadian Tire boots (if you watch my vlogs/Instastories you know what I’m talking about). I really enjoyed this winter in Toronto. Last year (winter 2016) was my first “real winter” where I experienced the snow and how it stayed on the ground for a few weeks at a time. I had so many people telling me that winter 2016 was not a bad winter at all. Winter just past was even colder, I enjoyed it because it is so new to me! But, Spring. I miss seeing daffodils every where, just like in Ireland during this time of the year. Everybody’s homes and gardens would be filled with daffodils. You’d even find beautiful daffodils blooming in the ditches on the sides of the road! City spring is so different to country side spring and I was born and bred a country girl!


St Patrick’s Day

How cliché of me, right? I know, I know. A paddy living abroad! At least everyone else likes to join in with us! St. Patrick’s day is on a Saturday this year (March 17th) which means I’ll hopefully have a day off. Surprisingly, Toronto is celebrating St Patrick’s Day on Sunday March 11th, with the Paddy’s Day Parade. I’m hoping to do some green themed collaborations across my social media accounts, get in touch if you would like to collaborate with me on St Patrick’s day! If anyone is looking for me on the 17th, I’ll probably be at a pub somewhere downtown Toronto.

St Patricks day


I’m not sure what happened to me in February, but I was really down and out. It feels like a blur of a month. I’m going to focus on positive thinking and keeping myself busy! I know I’m busy, I work 40 hours a week and I have my blog and YouTube channel to maintain. I’ve been slacking though. I didn’t get as many blog posts as I wanted to get done in February. March, you’ll be better!

Healthy Eating

I’ve been eating out, and eating very unhealthy all too much since the new year begun. It’s time to start eating somewhat healthy again! March will be the start of cutting out the junk!

I hope everyone ready had a good February. Lets hope March will be more kind. Does anybody have any exciting plans for March?

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