VLOG Monthly Round-Up | March 2018

March was a pretty good month. I hope everyone had a great month! Here’s what I got up to:

February 26th – March 4th | Week 9

This week was a great cooking self discovery week. I put Chefs Plate to the ultimate test and I discovered I can actually cook with the clear instructions and ingredients picked out for me. I got a few BTS shots of a colourful music video.

March 5th – 11 | Week 10

This week, Mr Marzipan celebrated 8 years of being together, got my nails done in my favourite and best nail salon in Toronto and watched Glamzilla in all her glory at a private screening of Glam Masters.

March 12th – 18th | Week 11

What kinda Irish woman would I be if I didn’t celebrate St Patricks Day while living abroad? Had a few drinks and also showed you my makeup looks inspired by St Paddy’s Day itself. Also, my new glasses arrived from clearly.ca and I love them!

There’s my monthly round-up! I hope everyone enjoyed they videos and make sure to subscribe on YouTube to stay up to date with all the vlogs.

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