VLOG Monthly Round-Up | April 2018

April was the toughest month I’ve put down in the past two years. I had to pack up our entire life in Canada to return home to Ireland while our visa is pending. It was very stressful, but there’s always a silver lining. Getting to come home to surprise my little brother was the highlight of the month!

March 25th – April 1st | VLOG 12

I got my hair done! I was asked to be a model for the ABA Show Toronto. Come with me to Scarborough Bluffs, an amazing hiking trail. Easter dinner in the Queen & Beaver and drinks at Dora Keoghs.

April 2nd – 9th | VLOG 13

“Decluttering” the entire apartment and cleaning out the oven took several hours! I went through my March and April empties on this vlog. Eating lots of meals in Toronto this week.

April 10th – 15th | VLOG 14

There are literally tears in my eyes at the beginning of this vlog. I can’t believe I’m leaving Canada and don’t know when I’ll be back. It was a very emotional week for sure. It’s great being home but hopefully I’ll be back in Canada in no time. Lots happened in this vlog, LOTS! I got to see the Northern Lights while flying to Iceland (stop over), I surprised my little brother and got to spend the weekend away with one of my favourite people.

April 16th – 23rd | VLOG 15

This vlog I joined Slimming World! It’s ab0ut time I do something about my weight. I haven’t been feeling myself lately. You’ll also get to see some amazing Irish landscape as we make the most of our rental car and I also visit our local wildlife park Doneraile Park.

What a crazy rollercoaster of a month! I hope everyone reading/watching had a great month. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to keep up to date with my vlogs.

As I’m currently not working, don’t have my own car and being boring, the vlogs may be a little bit more scattered from now on. They may be every other week as opposed to weekly.

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