Slimming World |Weigh-In #2

Week Two

I found week two to be slightly better as I was getting my head around the basics of the plan. I was so thrilled with my weight loss last week, it motivated me to keep going in the same direction.

Body Magic

I have also started back running. I’m doing 2km at the moment (not running the full distance yet) and aim to do 6km by the end of the summer. I have a route mapped out that I can potentially work towards.

Weekly Weigh In

This week I’m weighing in on Tuesday evening instead of Wednesday morning, because on the Wednesday it is my little brothers First Holy Confirmation and I won’t be able to fit the weigh-in into that day. Thankfully, in my area there are a few days and times to choose from.

This week I lost another 4.5lb! I’m genuinely shocked. And thrilled! I’m also worried that the scales were wrong. I’m so paranoid! That means I’ve lost 9lb in two weeks! I’m worried for when my weight loss gets slower, could it be next week? I always get so nervous hopping up on the scales. I guess the nerves are hope for a loss as I was trying my best to be on plan all week long.

I’m aiming another wight loss next week! I have been planning out my meals a bit better this week and preparing healthy snacks for when I’m feeling peckish. I even made Chicken Curry from scratch and it actually tasted nice! A week of shock for sure!

Let me know in the comments below if you are also a slimming world member…

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