What I’m Looking Forward To This Month | May 2018

What happened in April?

Boy, oh boy. Where do I begin. I guess I have some explaining to do.

What happened in April? Well, to put it frankly, my life got turned upside down! If you are watching my VLOGS on my YouTube channel yo would have realized that by now. But even there, I didn’t quite explain my situation.

Thank you to those of you who have reached out on my social media asking if everything is ok.. its getting there! I’m back in Ireland for the time being, it’s been great so far.

So while I was busy packing up my life in Canada, and moving back to Ireland, I have been pretty quiet on the social and content creative front.

My main objective is to get back on track, get that kick in my step back for the month of May. I can do it!

Slimming World

I have joined Slimming World to help me account for my weight and to whip my appetite into shape! I am hopeless at cooking and while I have some time off, I’m going to learn. I’ve been looking up some Slimming World recipes and I’m going to give them a bash. Wish me luck! I aim to lose at least 8lb this month.

Family Time

While I’m back in Ireland, I’m going to make the most of spending time with my family. Who knows when I’ll be back in Canada, could be any time soon!

Enjoy Time Off

I’m going to continue the time off that I currently have from work. I have been non-stop working from as long as I can remember and I’d love to do some personal growth ie. learning how to cook!

I wish everyone an exciting month of May! Let me know if you have any exciting plans :)

Chat Soon!

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