Slimming World |Weigh-In #3

Week Three

This week I felt was the best week yet! I stuck to plan and when I felt peckish I stuck to having a Slimming World Hi-Fi Bar (3 Syns each). I had my brothers confirmation the day after weigh in and I did eat too much but I chose the best options for food. I spent the weekend at my Mom and Dads house, looking after my younger siblings while they went away for a few nights over the long weekend. I struggled with the amount of delicious food I could have devoured out at their house but I powdered through!

Body Magic

I didn’t exercise as much as I did in week one and two but I still got out. I ran even further this week and I will continue to build up speed and distance when running.

Weekly Weigh-In

When it came to weigh in, I realized that I hadn’t gone to the toilet properly the previous day or the day of weigh in, so I was feeling heavy and I was worried it was going to show on the scales. I drank three coffees before the 9.30am weigh in and it helped a little but it didn’t have much of an effect on my as I had wished.

It came to weigh in and I had lost one and a half pounds! Woohoo! I’m delighted with the loss, but I feel like I could’ve been down more considering I was so good! Hopefully I will be back to regular bodily functions by next weeks weigh in and it will show on the scales.

More importantly, I’m starting to feel slightly more comfortable in my clothes.

I was surprised at the lack of people who stayed for the talk after weigh in. Considering the weekend before was a long weekend I was thinking that maybe quite a few people may have maintained or had put up weight? I was surprised though, usually it is full house but today it was very empty! I hope people realize that theres no shame in putting on a few pounds, the main thing is to acknowledge it and fight it again the following week. I promise to stay for the chat every week (unless I genuinely have an appointment, or need to be somewhere), even if I put up weight.

Next week my goal is to lose three and a half pounds. Its manageable for sure! I have a dinner on Saturday night and I’m sure I’ll be able to chose the best choices off the menu. If I lose the three and a half pounds I will have 14 pounds lost/a stone in four weeks!

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