My New Food Diary Instagram | Slimming World

My New Instagram Page is @Slimming_LJOR

I have created a new Instagram page and it is my food diary! I created this Instagram page separate to my blog because it is literally everything I eat throughout the day.

I created the page to hold myself accountable, and to have more control of what I’m consuming on a daily basis. I also want to help and support others on their journey and keep all my weight-loss based content in one feed.

I have enjoyed posting on my page so far and I plan on keeping it up for as long as possible. I have created unique elements on my page which I hope is a help to others who visit my profile. In my highlights you will find everything of value. I eat out a lot, and I know it can be daunting to eat out when you are on a food plan and you want to be successful. I have created “dining out” highlights and sectioned them into different counties in Ireland (where I’m currently based) in the hope that it will help others pick out good choices from every menu.

I also enjoy creating my own monthly trackers. These trackers are great to fill out at the end of every day and you can review how your weeks have been at the end of the month.

When I began Slimming World I needed inspiration for my Healthy Extra and Syn choices, so I have created highlights for those to show some good foods I have found and how much you can use in your daily allowance.

I still have my Anything But Marzipan Instagram page which I will continue to post beauty and lifestyle content, and I also have my Marzipan Makeovers (made very recently) Instagram page where I post pictures of client makeovers.

If you are following Slimming World and have your own weight loss based page, leave your handle below, I would love to support you!

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