My Clarins; A Millennial Targeted Skin Care Range From Clarins

The new skin care range within Clarins, called “My Clarins” brings me back to a 19-year-old LJ. I remember so vividly, going into the drugstore with my mom, looking for skin care products that would help me look after my face and neck, products that screamed “prevention is the best cure”. Unfortunately, after being quizzed by the lovely woman behind the cosmetics counter, she advised that I should not use any anti-aging products on my skin until I reach at least 25 years of age. There was nothing there for me. I wanted something worth investing in but it wasn’t there. Props to Clarins for finding a gap in the market and doing something about it. I haven’t seen any other brand coming out with a skin care line targeting millennial skin.

If you, or someone your know is under 30 years of age, and looking for a fresh new skin care line, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for my thoughts on the My Clarins products I have tried out for the past couple of weeks.

While I do have some questions about the line (and some answers directly from Clarins themselves), let’s do a little run down on all the initial launch products. Upon launch, My Clarins released nine products; a purifying cleansing gel, micellar cleansing milk, hydrating beauty mist, spot treatment, three hydrating creams, night mask and a pore stick. Everything is under €27. Nice, simple packaging with clear ingredients listed. Clarins claim the line is 88% natural, vegan friendly, free from phthalates, parabens and sulfates and eco-conscious. The My Clarins range boasts a Healthy Skin “In & Out” Complex which essentially gets the pollutants out and keeps the good antioxidant skin care ingredients in.

What I’ve Been Using From The New My Clarins Range

Re-Move Micellar Cleansing Milk

Featuring extracts of mooring and fig with a very light, fresh fragrance. Very cute spill-proof packaging. I liked to squeeze out a walnut sized amount onto my hand, rub my hands together and massage into the face. using a dampened cotton round to wipe away the product along with any makeup and pollutants that are on the skin. I’ve used it to remove face makeup and also used it in the mornings for cleansing before makeup application. It is a milky consistency, much thicker than your average micellar water. It is designed to hydrate but not to leave an oily residue on the face like some cleansing oils currently do on the market. The oily residue found in some oil cleansers can be too heavy for younger skin but is great for more mature, dry skin. I found this product was not great on my eyes. It would remove light makeup, but not fully. I also found that it irritated my eyes slightly, and interfered with my contact lenses unfortunately. I have quite sensitive skin but I will continue to use this product avoiding my eye area.

RRP €19.50

Clear-Out Imperfections

I’m loving this product. If you’re looking for instant spot treatment, look no further than the My Clarins Clear-Out. Featuring extracts of meadow-sweet which ironically is one of my favourite wild Irish flowers, if you ever visit Ireland you might see some large road-side shrubs with little white buds and flowers, especially in the countryside, be sure to stop and sniff! They smell glorious! I found this product worked best when targeting any one spot in particular. Use the targeting nozzle to squeeze out a tiny bulb of product, just enough to cover your blemish. Within ten minutes, I found a reduction in swelling and less angry-looking spots. I highly recommend trying it out!

RRP €17

Re-Boost Refreshing Hydrating Cream

A beautiful, fresh, whip-light and hydrating day cream. Smells like roses and contains coconut water and extracts of alpenrose, fig, acerola seed and goji berries – a fine rage of natures best ingredients all for your own little face – what more could you ask for! I found this cream to be non-greasy yet very hydrating on the skin.
Re-Boost Hydrating Cream is also available in Comforting (for dry and sensitive skin), and Mattifying (for oily skin).

RRP €25

Re-Charge Relaxing Sleep Mask

A light-weight sleep mask to help you wake up feeling plump, subtle and smooth. This mask is not sticky, you don’t need to worry about washing your hair or pillow case the morning after using this gorgeous sleep mask. It soaks right into your skin with a cooling, soothing sensation. Boasting ingredients of coconut water and extracts of alpenrose, fig, acerola seed and huang qi, you’re sure to get a good nights rest with reassurance your skin is being well catered for.

RRP €27

Some questions I have about the My Clarins Range:

Is My Clarins for girls only?

My Clarins is for everyone. Hopefully future marketing will have more inclusion for all genders.

Are there any products with SPF within the range?

There are no products with SPF within the range at the moment. I would recommend applying your SPF separately after using your moisturizer. Hopefully there will be an extension of the My Clarins line that includes some SPF products.

Fig is used as an ingredient in many of the products, do vegans consume figs?

This was something that I approached Clarins about and they responded to me extremely quickly. I was hearing from many sources that the line is vegan. When a product is vegan it should be 100% vegan, no questions. However, Clarins are marketing My Clarins as “vegan-friendly”, do you see the difference?

If you are not already aware, during pollination of a fig, a wasp will die. This is a natural occurrence within nature. Some vegans don’t consume figs for this reason, others do as they see it as something that happens naturally. This is what the Clarins Scientific Communications laboratories in Paris had to say:

In Nature, the wasp usually pollinates fig (which is more than necessary for the species survival) and also takes advantage of the pollinisation to drop off its larva.

In this way, wasp can be trapped in the fig. Then the wasp is degraded by an enzyme contained in the fig, the Ficin. That’s why we don’t find any wasps within the fig when we eat it.

This process naturally occurs in the Nature, this is a natural mutual process between fig and wasp and guarantees the biodiversity of species.

Our organic fig extract comes from an organic fig culture in France.

Organic culture does not use any pesticide, it is respectful of the biodiversity: fig and also wasp biodiversity.

In this way, the mutual interaction between fig and wasp is not disturbed and biodiversity is preserved.

If you’re vegan (which I am not, by the way), it would be your own personal decision to consume figs or not. Just be aware this line does contain some fig ingredients.

Why does My Clarins have so much packaging?

This was something that I encountered when opening the products. There was a lot of waste. Fair enough some people like to keep their products in the original outer packaging but I feel there is no need as I see it serving no purpose. The products are all made from recycled materials and are recyclable. Yes that’s fantastic and well done to Clarins for taking that initiative, but in my personal opinion, I think there is no need for the outer packaging of each product. Yes I’m nit-picking but these are my thoughts on the range. I’m a zero waste enthusiast (I try my best). It’s great that the packaging is made from recycled materials but would have been even better if there was minimal packaging.

My Clarins is definitely a range I recommend to the younger person looking to start taking better care of their skin and to help them get into a well-rounded skin-care routine. I can’t think of any other brand that does a millennial targeted skin-care line, can you? I love the simplicity of the products and the cute aesthetically pleasing recyclable packaging. Being a 88% natural line is also a major plus. I would love to know if you’ve seen the line in your local drugstore or if you’ve tried any of the products yourself. I would love to know your thoughts!

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