Madison Makeup x Amy’s Makeup Box Dare To Blend Palette | Swatches & Review

Madison Makeup Ireland and Amy’s Makeup Box have collaborated to create the Dare To Blend Palette. When I first saw the palette, I thought it would be perfect for bridal looks. It carries all the tones needed to create a basic cool or warm toned look. With 25 eyeshadows in the palette, there are a multitude of looks to create.

Madison Makeup Dare To Blend Palette

I have not mentioned Madison Makeup here on my blog before so here is a little bit about the brand..


Madison Makeup is an Irish cosmetics company founded in 2017. As well as eyeshadow palettes, Madison also stock primer, lashes, contour products and makeup brushes. I’m looking forward to future product releases from the brand. Madison ships to Ireland and the Uk throughout their website, and ship internationally through Pretty Little Things and Beauty Cutie 

Amy’s Makeup Box


Amy is a UK based makeup artist who has a very successful YouTube Channel and Instagram account. I have been subscribed to Amy’s YouTube channel for many years and she is a huge inspiration to me. She is extremely likeable and is like your own makeup-loving bestie behind the screen. You should definitely go check her out if you haven’t already.

Madison Makeup x Amy’s Makeup Box Dare To Blend Swatches

Madison Makeup Dare To Blend Palette Row 1 Madison Makeup Dare To Blend Palette Row 2 Madison Makeup Dare To Blend Palette Row 3 Madison Makeup Dare To Blend Palette Row 4 Madison Makeup Dare To Blend Palette Row 5

My Thoughts on the Dare To Blend Palette by Madison Makeup

I really like this palette. The shadow formula themselves are very easy to apply and are very blendable. The pigmentation is there, and the shadows are not overly pigmented like some palettes on the market today. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I find when shadows are very pigmented, they change colour on my skin. It’s strange and I’m still trying to figure out what exactly is the issue, but I assure you, the Dare To Bend palette stays true to pigmentation from palette to eye-lid.

Madison Dare To Blend Palette

There is a wide range of warm, neutral and cool tones in the palette. I find this palette a very “safe” palette meaning that the range of colours are perfect for basic looks. An essential in many people’s makeup kits. there are 25 shades in total, six are shimmers/metallics, one shade is satin with a sparkle in it (cocoa) and the rest are matte. Beautiful, gorgeous shades! They apply so perfectly pigmented, and so easy to blend! I’m obsessed with the shimmer/metallic shades, they are like butter! They remind me of the shimmer shades in the Huda Beauty palettes. The black in this palette is perfect, you can get a huge variety of looks with this one palette because of that black shade being present.

Madison Dare To Blend Palette

If I were to change anything about the palette, I would add a mirror. It is such a large palette, you can achieve numerous full eye-makeup looks from the Dare to Blend Palette, it’s perfect for travel as it’s not too bulky, and a mirror would have been perfect! There are also a few shades that are a little too similar, like Hickory, Embark, Pecan & Fudge are four very similar shades, Hazelnut & Blazing are quite similar, and Taupe & Stone are quite similar also. While each individual shade does have its differences, I feel at least four shades could have been eliminated or replaced by a different colour. That being said, for this to be a brown, basic essential palette, it does meet the mark and tick all the boxes for shades available under “basic brown palette” category.

If you’re on the market for a perfect, brown/nude palette, this is the one!

RRP €29.95

Eye Makeup Tutorial using Dare To Blend Palette by Madison Makeup x Amy’s Makeup Box

I created three looks using the Madison Makeup x Amy’s Makeup Box Dare To Blend Palette on my YouTube channel below.

Have you tried the Dare To Blend palette, or have you tried any other products from Madison Makeup? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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