I Moved To Amsterdam!

Let’s just go crazy and move to Amsterdam, why not?

I’ve decided to create a bit more lifestyle content surrounding living abroad, and this blog post will work as perfect context to give insight into my backstory and the beginning of my Amsterdam journey.

I moved to Amsterdam in June 2019. This is the third time in my life that I have relocated, I’ve previously lived in Australia and Toronto, Canada, originally from Ireland. Moving to Amsterdam was a pretty easy decision for me. I moved with my partner, Mr Marzipan, and the main reason why I thought Amsterdam would be such a good move is because it is super close to home (Ireland), no currency switch (still using euro), no visa needed for EU members and barely any time difference (one hour ahead of Ireland).

Luckily, we had travelled to Amsterdam in September 2018 so we knew we liked the city. The food, the canals, the people, the culture, the beautiful old European streets, there was so much to love about Amsterdam! It really made moving here very easy. Here’s a little blog I made from that trip!

As well as creating beauty content, I will be doing a little bit more of culture, city guide and expat life blogging from now on, but still focussing on beauty blogging as my main niche. I hope to be your beauty and Amsterdam guide all in one.

You’ll see all my day-to-day activities on my Instagram stories, my main beauty content on my Instagram feed, and a mixture of everything else everywhere else (here on my blog and on YouTube).

If you are a beauty blogger living in Amsterdam, please let me know! I haven’t found anyone else solely beauty blogging in Amsterdam yet and would love to meet up with like-minded people.. I surely can’t be the only beauty blogger living in Amsterdam?

So now that we are all caught up, please let me know if you have any questions or any content requests down below! I’m looking forward to creating more content over the next few months, its going to be a busy time for me but I’m ready to give it my best shot!

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