Discovering Hot New Beauty Brands with Stamegna

I had a very exciting and rare invite to a health and beauty B2B networking event that was impossible to pass up. Stamegna reached out to me to see if I would be interested in attending their B2B event in Amsterdam as a beauty writer. I was initially unsure what the event was about but soon discovered that it is mainly for brands to introduce themselves to potential retailers and buyers. I was delighted to be invited as it meant that I had the potential to meet the owners of some hot, up and coming beauty brands from all over the world.

Here are a few of the beauty brands I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with on the day.

Fito Cosmetics

Fito cosmetics is a beauty brand from Russia who produce natural hair, face, body and nail care products.

Fito have cleverly made their products look and smell edible. Seriously, if you can smell these products they smell phenomenal! I’m a sucker for something different and I have never seen products like their “Desserts” line before. Very innovative and for sure a trend that will become huge in months to come.

Gama Professional

Gama Professional are a hair tool brand from Italy. The most innovative product I saw at the event is Gama’s new hairdryer. It is a hairdryer with a design like no other, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It is designed for professional use, it is super light weight and has a special reverse air system to avoid any lint blockages in the motor.. This product is what I’m most excited about and I would definitely be interested in picking one up to put it to the ultimate test!

Find out more information on Gama Professional here.

Hollywood Browzer

The perfect tool for safely removing unwanted peach fuzz from your face. I have been on the hunt for a tool that is specifically designed for removing the peach fuzz (tiny fine hairs) from the face. There are many tools out there for the brows but nothing as cleverly designed as the Hollywood Browzer. I will be putting this one to the test pretty soon on my Instagram page!

Le Petit Olivier

Originating from France, Le Petit Olivier had an array of products on show at Stamegna. From shampoo and conditioners to luxurious oils and elixirs, Le Petit Olivier had every toiletry you could imagine. Many different fragrances, and of course, my nose went into overdrive wanting to smell everything! I’m a sucker for amazingly scented products..


Specialising in products for pregnant women. There were many products on offer here and would add a special component to the mother-to-be’s usual regiment. Lots of creams and potions on offer, Maternea thought of all the needs of a pregnant lady.

Note Cosmetics

A cosmetic brand I’m already familiar with. Ive used so many Note Cosmetics and can totally back the quality in this brand!


A makeup brand that is limitless when it comes to colour. From gorgeous eyeshadow palettes to innovative magnetic makeup brushes.. find all your makeup needs with Profusion.

Real Rebel

A green lipstick like no other! Real Rebel have a few products but what caught my eye the most was their green lipstick! This product does not appear green when it hits your lips, it adapts to the perfect pink/red tone to suit whatever skin tone you have. When I applied the lipstick at the stand, I immediately noticed the luxurious feel of the product. Not only is it a lipstick colour, but it is a hydrating lip balm too and you can tell the benefits on the lips upon initial application. A gorgeous product, that lasts for many hours on the lips!


A new three step skincare program that knocks off precious time from your skincare routine. Yes, only three steps; cleanser, toner and serum.. not even moisturizer is needed!

Swati Contacts

Real looking coloured contacts. I had the opportunity to meet Swati, the founder of Swati Cosmetics and Swati was wearing a pair of her blue contact over her naturally brow eyes. I was amazed at how real they looked.. I have never seen coloured contacts look so well like this before!

I didn’t get a chance to speak to all the brands who were present at Stamegna Amsterdam this year but these were the few I had the opportunity to chat with in between client meetings. I hope to see all of these brands popping up throughout the Netherlands in coming months. I have a few products to test and try out and I will keep you updated of course.

Thank you to Stamegna for inviting me along to this fantastic event. Get in touch with Stamegna here for more information.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and got to discover some new brands for yourself! Have you tried any of the brands mentioned above? Let me know in the comments.

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