IT Cosmetics Pillow Lips Cream Lipstick

What makes a lipstick different nowadays? There are so many similarities with different brands, that I believe it is difficult to make a new lipstick stand out from the crowd. Thats why I feel it is extra important to review new lipsticks on the market as thoroughly as possible, to take note of all information such as textures, ingredients, longevity, and overall quality of the product.

IT Cosmetics have formulated their Pillow Lips lipsticks with skin-loving ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic filling spheres, seabuckthorn berry extract, aloe and beeswax. There are 14 full-pigmented shades available, seven in matte formula and seven in cream formula (some shades are in both matte and cream formulas) which cater to all skin tones.


IT Cosmetics Pillow Lip Lipsticks are extremely pigmented in colour. I enjoy a pigmented lipstick because it allows me to be versatile with the product. With a highly pigmented lipstick it gives you the option to apply the lipstick as it is, full pigment, high intensity coloured lip in all its glory and the Pillow Lips most certainly lives up the the “high-impact colour payoff in just one swipe!” claims.. These type of full colour pigmented lipsticks also give you the option to reduce the intensity by blotting the lipstick on the lips with your finger as opposed to applying straight from the bullet. With the Pillow Lips, this application is also very nice and lasts on the lips until you need to reapply after eating.

The IT Cosmetics Pillow Lips’ texture and how it lasts on the lips is an amazing quality which really stood out to me. These Pillow Lips lipsticks are extremely rich and luxurious. The quality of the product on the lip is almost like the feeling of an intense lip balm that feels like a hydrating barrier, protecting and caring for the lips while also providing a gorgeous colour to your overall look. The lipsticks are infused with collagen and hyaluronic filling spheres which smoothen out the lines on the lips and make them look their plumpest and juiciest.

I have tested out the Cream formula of the IT Cosmetics Pillow Lips and I am loving them. I was gifted the shades Humble, Vision, Like a Dream and Stellar. The lipsticks will transfer to anything you touch against your lips. The darker shades have a staining quality on the lips which lasts after eating a meal, but to achieve the same intensity in colour and smoothing benefits on the lips the lipstick would need to be reapplied sporadically throughout the day. The packaging is super cute, silver bullet house with a white pillow imitation lipstick cover.

I LOVE how these lipsticks sit on my lips and the luxurious feeling LASTS on the lips for approximately 2.5 hours, this would be subject to the amount applied, when I apply them liberally these are the results I get. My lips are the type that are always chapped, unfortunately. I have an issue with some lipsticks that lift up the dry skin off my lips making the lipstick look all crumbly and gross. This happens to me with almost every lipstick with any brand, it is something I’m going to incorporate into my reviews going forward as I’ve learned that many people also suffer from the same issue. Its very annoying! With the IT Cosmetics, it was only towards the end of the day that the skin on my lips would lift and crumble.. I need to come up with some kind of a name for this weird lip condition! It has its benefits, after exfoliating lips after the skin lifts I’m left with super smooth lips.. its very strange! So I am impressed that the Pillow Lips lasted throughout the day without my weird lip condition being interfered with.

Something else to take note is the scent of the lipstick. It barely has a scent, but a very slight minty smell. I love this! There is no odd, peculiar, sweet, or crayon scent to the bullet and I couldn’t be happier with this. You can not taste the slight scent on the lips once applied, thankfully! I hate an overly scented lipstick that you can taste and feel in your throat.

The IT Cosmetics Pillow Lips retail for €24 (RRP) and I do recommend giving them a try, they love your lips and you will love them right back!

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