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YSL Pure Shots Collection

New In YSL Beauty: Pure Shots Collection

New in YSL beauty this season is the Pure Shots Collection. Skincare focussed for the fast living urbaner who wants to fight against the elements and look after their skin with the most precious ingredients YSL has to offer.


In the YSL Pure Shots Collection there are six products in total that will become available in Spring 2020.

YSL Pure Shots Hydra Bounce

YSL Pure Shots Hydra Bounce

The YSL Pure Shots Hydra Bounce Essence-In-Lotion is to be used after toner and before serum. This product contains millions of micro droplets hydrating the skin and preparing the skin for maximum absorption of the products to be applied next. The Hydra Bounce contains orange blossom derived from YSL farms in Morocco, vitamin E and vitamin B3.

YSL Pure Shots Serums

YSL Pure Shots

There are four different serums available:

  1. Y Shape Serum
  2. Lines Away Serum
  3. Light Up Serum
  4. Night Reboot Serum

Each serum has different purposes and ingredients. Serum is to be used after Hydra Boost, and before Perfect Plumper Cream. 

Y Shape Serum contains barbary fig and peptides to target the skin to tighten and firm over time. 

Lines Away Serum contains hyaluronic acid and iris sap to trigger and target collagen production to help smoothen out lines and add moisture to the skin.

Light Up Serum contains marshmallow flower which helps regulate the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin and vitamin C3 which helps brighten the skin.

Night Reboot Serum contains a very special ingredient called moonlight cactus flower which manages to only blooms for six hours! The Night Reboot also contains glycolic acid which helps dissolve the outer layer of the skin revealing a new, fresh, plump looking face. This product is a bi-phase formula which needs to be combined by shaking before use and used only at night.

YSL Pure Shots Perfect Plumping Cream

YSL Pure Shots Perfect Plumper

A texture that I would describe as bouncy, and extremely light. Almost like slicing into a cheesecake! Its beautiful, and melts right into the skin. The cream contains aroma pearls for lumination, and ingredients such as orange blossom, neroli and ribose. This cream will help fight the signs of aging and help improve the appearance of skin elasticity. Use this cream at day and at night. 

Recyclable Packaging

YSL Pure Shots Recyclable Packaging

Innovative skincare means innovative packaging. You now have the option of purchasing refills for the serums instead of purchasing the entire housing bottle. Simply slip the serum out of the housing to replace, very handy! Refills retail for €60 in comparison to €76 for the full packaged serums.

Fred Letailleur

YSL Fred Letailleur Makeup Up Artist

I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with YSL’s Senior Pro MUA Fred Letailleur at the launch event in Dublins Ivy Restaurant who presented to us all the new Pure Shots Collection. What an inspirational man, I spoke to Fred about his experience as a MUA and how he began his career. Fred was working on The Body Shop counter when he was noticed by Georgio Armani whom he worked for 10 years before now working for YSL. Fred has the most warm welcoming manner and I could’ve spoken to him all day. I hope to meet him again some day and chat some more. 


I would love to know if you are interested in picking up any of these product, or if you have tried any of them out. I’m currently trying three serums: Lines Away, Y Shape and Light Up, and the Perfect Pumper Cream; let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer in the comments below.

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