Welcome to Anything But Marzipan!

My name is LJ O’ Rahilly, I’m Irish and I have a passion for travel, beauty, amateur photography, zero waste, sharing my everyday life and spreading kindness.

I’m a fully qualified hairdresser and makeup artist with a specific interest in products and education. I have five years teaching experience and I love spreading knowledge and research to my readers. I’m now based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The tag-line I have chosen for my blog is “Passion is Infectious”. People who are passionate about a particular subject inspire and motivate like-minded people to be equally as passionate. This is my main goal for my blog. For me, my ‘passions’ could differ every three to six months, and that’s the beauty of the blog! I can write about anything (except marzipan) and it will still be relevant on the blog. I wouldn’t call myself a particularly passionate person, but I’m definitely curious! If there are any topics my readers would like me to cover, I’m more than happy to do so.. just drop me a line.

I call myself a wanderer as I love to travel. I lived in Australia from 2013-2015, Toronto Canada from 2016-2018 and now I’m currently in Amsterdam, Netherlands, hoping to live here for another few years. After that, we will see, maybe by then it will be time to go back to Ireland and buy a house..

I’d love for my readers to keep in touch and up-to-date with me on all my active social media accounts..

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Lets be blogging buddies #bb4lyf! Now that you know a little about me, let me know who you are, where you’re from and if you think I’m doing OK with all this blogging business!



PS. What the Hell is Marzipan? It’s very sweet! Used on Cakes! It’s an acquired taste ;) It’s a love/hate type of food..

Photo by Piotr Tadeusz

I created this blog to share my opinions and help others learn about what I research. I research and read a lot of topics and gather the important information to deliver it as simply as possible to my readers. I love spreading knowledge of what I learn for my own and everyone’s benefit. Making the information accessible and understandable is my main priority.

Sometimes it may seem as though I’m contradicting myself, as I recommend to avoid certain things to do/use, but I go against my own advise. Why I do this is because I’m always curious. I have a very open mind and I will be doing it mostly to experiment and be able to feed back information based on my experience using a certain product etc. 

It would be extremely obnoxious of me not to give credit to those who deserve it. I always try to give as much information about the subject and by using external links to their sites or posts to give readers accessibility to as much information as possible. If I have ever not given credit where I should have, please let me know! I will have links to external sites on my page, I am not responsible for the links that take you away from anythingbutmarzipan.com

All photos and edits were created by LJ O’Rahilly unless stated otherwise. Please ask permission for use of my photos, contact me for more information.

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